Lying in the south eastern part of the country and an extension of South Africas' Kruger National Park is the Gonarezhou National Park which covers an area of 5,000 sq. kms.
The parks landscapes are impressive and the areas around the Mwanezi, Save and Runde rivers are where most the game can be found.
The name of the park originates from the local language of Shona and means "abode of elephants" - at one time this was the case, some of Africa's large tuskers were to be found here - but poachers and drought have taken their toll . The situation is now recovering slowly but "the elephant never forget" and here in this park in particular they have a reputation as being nasty.

There are several camp sites within the park which all have shelters, toilets, showers and barbeque areas. Other accommodation is available outside the park.

The Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP)

Gonarezhou National Park is part of the Great Limpopo Transfrontier Park (GLTP), a massive Pan-African Park that includes South Africa's famed Kruger National Park and Mozambique's Gaza. This huge area is one of the finest "peace parks" in the world and is dedicated to conservation, biodiversity and the economic development of the surrounding local communities. The vast and diverse nature of the mega-park provides world-class eco-tourism to the visitor and strives to re-establish historical animal migration routes and fragile regional ecosystems.

The combined Park includes more than 500 species of birds, 147 species of mammals, at least 116 species of reptiles, 34 species of frogs and 49 species of fish.





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Some Wildlife

These can be seen in and around Gonarezhou National Park