In the main gorge of the Falls, as the tumbling waters of the Zambezi River fall into the void, the spray they produce is buffeted upwards by currents of air that rise up from the bottom. As the spray rises the small droplets condense and fall, creating the localised areas where it appears to constantly rain. Rivulets and small streams run over the saturated soil and back down the almost vertical cliffs of the chasm, only to be caught by the gusts of wind as they fall and blown back up into the air.

The clouds of spray which are forced up from the gorge and rise into the sky are a permanent feature of the Victoria Falls. Best seen in the early morning cool air, the column of spray is often viewable from many miles away, although its height and visibility vary greatly due to local conditions, and of course the volume of the Zambezi’s flow.

Under its shadow the near constant rainfall supports an area of dense vegetation which remains green throughout the dry season, the Victoria Falls Rainforest.





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Some Wildlife

These can be seen in and around Victoria Falls Rain Forest